Apple iPhone 14 review: Everything you need to know

The Apple iPhone 14 is one of the most highly anticipated smartphones of the year, offering a range of new features and improvements over its predecessor.


The design of the iPhone 14 closely resembles that of its predecessor, featuring a sleek and premium build with an aluminum and glass construction. It retains the same dimensions as the iPhone 13, measuring 5.78 x 2.82 x 0.31 inches and weighing 6.07 ounces. The phone is available in a variety of attractive colors, including Midnight, Starlight, Blue, Purple, Red, and Yellow. While the design may not be groundbreaking, it exudes elegance and feels comfortable to hold.


The iPhone 14 boasts a 6.1-inch Super Retina XDR display that offers excellent clarity and vibrant colors. With a resolution of 2532 x 1170 pixels, the display delivers sharp visuals and crisp text. However, it is worth noting that the iPhone 14 lacks the high refresh rate seen in some competitor devices, which could be a disappointment for users seeking the smoothest scrolling and animations. Nonetheless, the display quality is still top-notch and provides an immersive viewing experience.


Equipped with Apple’s powerful A15 Bionic chip, the iPhone 14 delivers exceptional performance across the board. The chip’s 5-core GPU offers improved graphics performance, making gaming and graphics-intensive tasks incredibly smooth. Whether you’re multitasking, playing demanding games, or editing videos, the iPhone 14 handles everything with ease. In benchmark tests, the iPhone 14 outperforms its predecessor, showcasing its superiority in processing power.


The camera system of the iPhone 14 has received notable upgrades, resulting in enhanced photography capabilities. The main 12MP wide camera features a larger sensor with 1.9-micrometer pixels and a faster f/1.7 aperture, enabling improved low-light performance and better action shots. The ultrawide camera captures 4x more of the scene and offers 2x better low-light performance. The TrueDepth camera now supports autofocus and features a faster f/1.9 aperture. These improvements, coupled with Apple’s computational photography advancements, result in stunning photos with impressive detail and color accuracy.

Battery Life:

The battery life of the iPhone 14 is respectable, providing enough power to get through a full day of usage with moderate to heavy use. In our testing, the iPhone 14 lasted approximately 9 hours and 28 minutes during continuous 5G web surfing at 150 nits of screen brightness. While it doesn’t make the top-tier of phones with the longest battery life, it surpasses some competitors like the Galaxy S22 and Pixel 7. The iPhone 14 supports 20W charging, allowing for relatively fast charging speeds.


The iPhone 14 runs on iOS 16, the latest iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system. iOS 16 introduces several new features and improvements, including customizable lock screens, the ability to unsend and edit texts, Passkeys as a password replacement, and the return of the battery percentage indicator. The software provides a seamless and intuitive user experience, with regular updates and a vast selection of apps available through the App Store.

Additional Features:

The iPhone 14 offers several additional features that enhance the overall user experience. One notable addition is the Action mode for video recording, which enables super steady footage for smooth and professional-looking videos. Additionally, the iPhone 14 introduces Emergency SOS via satellite, a safety feature that allows you to connect to emergency services even without a cellular or Wi-Fi signal. The Crash Detection feature utilizes the improved accelerometer and gyroscope to automatically dial emergency services and notify your designated contacts in the event of a car crash.

Price and Availability:

The iPhone 14 is available for purchase, with a starting price of $799 for the base 128GB model. You have the option to upgrade to 256GB or 512GB of storage at higher price points. Availability for the standard iPhone 14 is generally good, although demand for the Pro models may cause some delays. It is recommended to check for the best deals and availability on Apple’s official website or through authorized retailers.

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