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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition Unveiled

Samsung Unveils Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition at Paris Galaxy Unpacked Event

At the Galaxy Unpacked event held in Paris, Samsung officially unveiled the highly anticipated Galaxy Z Flip6 series, including the much-talked-about Olympic Edition and the standard version. This launch not only showcased Samsung’s breakthrough in innovative technology but also highlighted the close connection between Samsung and the Olympic spirit. The company stated that the Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition is specially designed and customized for all athletes participating in the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics and Paralympics.

The Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition features a striking yellow color scheme adorned with gold Olympic rings and Paralympic logos, making it highly recognizable. This is not just a high-tech smartphone but also a symbol and embodiment of the Olympic spirit. Through this special edition phone, Samsung demonstrates its support and tribute to athletes and the Olympic movement to the world.

Robust Support with Exclusive Services and Applications

To better serve athletes, Samsung has pre-installed a full suite of exclusive services and practical applications in this Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition. These apps include Athlete 365, 6 Olympic Shop, Paris 2024, Transport Accred App, and IOC Hotline. These applications not only provide convenient living and training services for athletes but also help them better understand and participate in Olympic-related activities. For example, Athlete 365 is a platform that offers comprehensive support for athletes, covering everything from career development to mental health; while 6 Olympic Shop provides exclusive shopping channels for athletes.

In addition, the Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition is pre-installed with Samsung Wallet, through which users can purchase beverages for free at vending machines set up throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Villages in collaboration with global partners. These vending machines, established by Samsung in partnership with global collaborators, greatly facilitate athletes’ daily lives.

High-Performance Configuration and International Warranty

Samsung announced at the launch event that each Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition would come with a 100GB 5G data eSIM in collaboration with Orange. This data package not only meets the network needs of athletes in Paris but also offers high internet speed and stability. Moreover, Samsung provides a two-year international warranty for this phone, meaning athletes can enjoy Samsung’s high-quality after-sales service no matter where they are. This initiative greatly facilitates the use of the phone by athletes in Paris and other locations.

The hardware configuration of the Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition is also extremely powerful. The phone is equipped with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. These high-spec configurations ensure efficient and smooth performance when handling various tasks. Additionally, the Galaxy Z Flip6 adopts the next-generation foldable screen technology, with significant improvements in screen quality and durability.

Interactive Apps and Olympic Experience

To better integrate athletes into and enjoy the Olympic atmosphere, Samsung has pre-installed a set of interactive applications themed around Paris 2024 in the Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition. These applications include PinQuest and Galaxy Experience (used for collecting and exchanging real and digital badges during the Olympics), Olympic Go! (the official Olympic game), and Galaxy Skateboard (a new game featuring the Paris 2024 mascot Phryges).

The PinQuest and Galaxy Experience apps allow athletes to collect various unique badges by completing tasks and challenges during the Olympics. This is not only a form of entertainment but also a way to interact and connect with other athletes. Olympic Go! is the official Olympic game, allowing athletes to experience the tension and excitement of Olympic competitions in a virtual world. Meanwhile, Galaxy Skateboard is a new game featuring the Paris 2024 mascot Phryges, showcasing the Olympic spirit and the charm of the city of Paris through skateboarding.

Availability of the Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition

Although the design and features of the Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition are captivating, Samsung stated that this phone would not be sold on the market. Instead, it will be displayed at Samsung’s Olympic showcases, including the exhibit starting on July 12 at 125 Champs-Élysées. This way, more people will have the opportunity to witness the charm of this special edition phone.

In collaboration with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), athletes will begin receiving the Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition from Samsung on July 18, with an official release on July 24. This means that athletes can receive and start using this phone before the opening of the Olympic Games. Since this phone is specially designed and customized for athletes, it is not priced yet, but its high specifications and special significance undoubtedly make it a highlight of the Olympics.

Introduction of Consumer Cellular Plans

To provide more choices and convenience for consumers, Samsung also introduced a series of consumer cellular plans paired with the Galaxy Z Flip6. These plans are provided by and include the following:

Broadband Facts

The consumer cellular plan offers unlimited talk/text and 1GB of data for a monthly price of $20.00. This monthly fee is not an introductory price but requires a 1-month contract. Consumers can visit for detailed terms. Additional fees include the provider’s monthly fee, FCC regulatory fees (0.01 USD), operational compliance fees (3.12 USD per phone, 0.55 USD per block), directory assistance service (0.50 USD per call), exit fees (electronic billing and automatic payment, 5.00 USD), Federal Universal Service Fund fee (0.74 USD), and late fees (5.00 USD). The one-time cost at purchase is $0, and government taxes vary by location.

Typical Download Speeds

The typical download speed for 4G LTE networks is 11-64 Mbps, while for 5G networks, it is 35-158 Mbps. The typical upload speed is 1-10 Mbps for 4G LTE and 3-21 Mbps for 5G. The typical latency is 28-47 milliseconds for 4G LTE and 24-32 milliseconds for 5G.

Data Usage Policy

The monthly price includes 1GB of data. For unlimited plans, data speeds will be reduced after usage reaches 50GB; for all other plans, data speeds will be reduced upon reaching the data limit unless the next higher data plan is chosen for automatic upgrade.

Discounts and Bundling

Consumers can visit to learn about available bill discounts and pricing options for bundling broadband service with other services like video, telephone, and wireless, as well as using their own equipment, such as modems and routers.

The release of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 Olympic Edition not only showcases Samsung’s innovation in smartphone technology but also reflects Samsung’s support and promotion of the Olympic spirit. The high specifications, exclusive services, and applications of this special edition phone, along with the 100GB 5G data eSIM in collaboration with Orange, provide great convenience and support for athletes. Additionally, Samsung’s interactive applications allow athletes to better experience and integrate into the Olympic atmosphere while enjoying the competitions.

Although this phone will not be sold to the public, it will be displayed at various showcases, allowing more people to witness its charm. For regular consumers, Samsung has also introduced consumer cellular plans provided by, offering various choices and benefits to meet different user needs. Whether for athletes or regular consumers, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip6 series promises to bring a new mobile experience and convenient lifestyle.

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