The best SIM-only contracts that let you ditch the phone plan

SIM-only contracts have become increasingly popular as more people opt to keep their existing phones or purchase unlocked devices. These contracts offer flexibility, affordability, and the freedom to choose the best plan that suits individual needs. By separating the phone and the plan, users can save money and enjoy the benefits of SIM-only contracts.


VOXI stands out as a leading provider of SIM-only contracts that offer excellent value for money. Their plans include unlimited data for social media apps, meaning data used on popular platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter does not count towards the monthly data allowance. In addition to unlimited calling and texting, VOXI provides the option to purchase affordable roaming bundles for international travel. With flexible rolling contracts and competitive pricing, VOXI offers a compelling package for those looking to save on their phone plan.


Smarty is renowned for its affordable SIM-only plans that cover the essentials. Their contracts include unlimited texts and calls, along with EU roaming options for up to 12GB of data. One standout feature of Smarty contracts is the absence of speed caps, ensuring users enjoy consistent access to 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. Customers can choose from a range of data options based on their usage requirements, with plans available from 6GB to unlimited. Smarty also offers data-only SIM contracts, ideal for those who primarily rely on data for their communication needs.


Three is a leading mobile network provider known for its competitive SIM-only contracts. Their plans offer unlimited texts and calls, personal hotspot capability, and access to Three’s rewards platform. Additionally, customers can enjoy 5G data on most plans, providing fast and reliable connectivity. Three’s SIM-only customers benefit from the Go Roam Around the World program, allowing them to use their allowances for calling, texting, and data while abroad for a small daily fee. With affordable pricing and diverse data options, Three is a strong contender in the SIM-only market.


giffgaff is a community-driven mobile network that offers flexible and cost-effective SIM-only contracts. They operate on a pay-as-you-go model, providing users with the freedom to change plans or cancel anytime without any long-term commitment. giffgaff offers a range of “goodybag” plans that include generous data allowances, unlimited texts, and a flexible number of calling minutes. They also provide international calling options and free giffgaff-to-giffgaff calls. With their user-friendly approach and competitive pricing, giffgaff is a popular choice for those seeking a hassle-free SIM-only experience.

Tesco Mobile:

Tesco Mobile offers a variety of SIM-only contracts that provide value for money, particularly for Tesco Clubcard holders. By choosing Tesco Mobile, customers can earn Clubcard points with each monthly bill payment, which can be redeemed for discounts and other benefits. Tesco Mobile plans include unlimited texts and calls, along with EU roaming options. Users can select from a range of data allowances, contract lengths, and affordable pricing options. With their loyalty program and attractive contract features, Tesco Mobile is a strong contender in the SIM-only market.

SIM-only contracts offer users the flexibility to choose the best plan for their needs while saving money by separating the phone and the plan. Providers like VOXI, Smarty, Three, giffgaff, and Tesco Mobile offer affordable contracts with generous data allowances, unlimited calling and texting, and additional benefits such as international roaming and loyalty rewards. By considering factors like pricing, data requirements, network coverage, and additional features, individuals can select the best SIM-only contract that aligns with their budget and communication needs. Embrace the freedom and cost-effectiveness of SIM-only contracts and enjoy a tailored mobile experience without being tied to a phone plan.

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